Laser Plumbing can help! We are your 'Totally Dependable' plumbing contractor, providing a full range of services across Tasmania.

Our highly qualified and experienced plumbers can provide you with all the services you would expect from a reliable plumbing contractor.

Our plumbing services include:

No job is too big or too small! Whether your needs are general or specialist, we can help you. Our award winning systems have proven we can provide 'Totally Dependable' service in all areas of the plumbing trade. Our plumbers will provide you with friendly, professional and knowledgeable service. We ensure consistent national pricing, high service standards and punctual, highly skilled technicians.

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Blocked Drains

Laser Plumbing gives high priority to attending to any blocked drains as these are a health issue as well as a huge inconvenience to both householders and commercial properties.

We have sewer machines, a high pressure sewer jetter, a CCTV drain camera and pipe location equipment.

Our tradesmen are experienced at dealing with drains, as they work on drains almost on a daily basis. Most blocked drains are straightforward, but there are so many potential scenarios that may require a very experienced tradesman to problem solve the situation.

Preventative Maintenance

Whether you require maintenance and servicing for your home, workplace, factory or farm, Laser Plumbing will be there when you need us. We provide routine preventative maintenance to all areas across Launceston and surrounds, from Deloraine to Georgetown, St. Helens to Campbelltown.

Maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure your workplace or home is safe and operating efficiently. Having a preventative maintenance schedule can help to reduce the expensive costs of repairs or replacements in the future.

We have serviced many residential customers and commercial businesses including nursing homes, schools, shops, caravan parks, hotels, real estate rental properties, petroleum outlets, banks and supermarkets. We also service two large factories which use water as a major part of their processing.

Roof Repairs, Spouting and Storm Water

Ensure your house is leak free! Laser Plumbing provides roof repairs, spouting and stormwater services to all areas across Launceston and surrounds, from Deloraine to Georgetown, St. Helens to Campbelltown.

Roof leaks are a common problem, but many are not straightforward. They usually require a tradesman to view the leak during rain, and then return when dry to address the most obvious cause. Whilst every endeavour is made to deal with the leak in one visit, often work carried out initially may only partially fix the problem, as there is no way of knowing for sure until the next rain. Laser Plumbing will work with you to repair damage and help maintain your roof condition to prevent destructive leaks.

Hot Water Cylinders

Laser Plumbing is able to install or replace all types of hot water cylinders including electric, solar, gas, heat pump or low pressure cylinders.

We specialise in the circulation of hot water. In a domestic situation you can have constant hot water at your taps, or for example in nursing homes we can circulate water at 42 degrees. We also circulate hot water for hydronic central heating.

Burst Pipes

Laser Plumbing provides prompt, 24-hour response to burst or leaking water pipes and gas lines. We give these emergencies high priority and will organise a tradesman to attend to this situation quickly.

We deal with burst pipes on a regular basis, from 1/2" domestic water lines to 6" industrial water mains, so you can be sure our tradesmen have the knowledge and experience to do the job correctly and to the highest standards.

Please contact Laser Plumbing if you need an emergency response or to discuss your requirements.

Tap and Cistern Repairs

Laser Plumbing is experienced at dealing with all tap repairs and we are service agents for a major Australian tap manufacturer. We use and recommend Aqualocs in showers for water saving initiatives.

We also provide toilet and cistern repairs and replacement. We work on these requests every day, so our tradesmen are well versed in the wide range of cisterns and suites and all their replacement parts. Many of our customers are upgrading to the newer dual flush technologies available today.

Drainage and Septic Tanks

Laser Plumbing provides excavation and installation of transpiration drains, septic tanks and bio-litic systems. We service all areas across Launceston and surrounds, from Deloraine to Georgetown, St. Helens to Campbelltown.

Septic tanks may be used to serve installations where the effluent can be disposed of through absorption trenches. When sewage enters a septic tank, an equal volume of liquid is discharged from the tank. The primary purpose of the septic tank is to condition the sewage so that the discharged liquid will not clog the disposal system.

Waterflow Testing

Laser Plumbing provides waterflow testing, servicing all areas across Launceston and surrounds, from Deloraine to Georgetown, St. Helens to Campbelltown.

We have the equipment to pressure check and flow test fire hydrants and fire hose reels. Testing is as per Australian Standard AS2419.1.